Thursday, 1 December 2016

Day 1 - Walking In The Air - The Maccabees

What better way to start the 2016 Calendar and the annual 'festive but not exactly a Christmas song' tune, than with a seasonal nod to the old Aled Jones 1985 hit. I mean we all love Aled, don't we? DON'T WE?

Of course there will always be those who say it's all too early but the Good Lady Blagg was actually chopping the Brussels for the Christmas dinner today - I'm not kidding! - while Ziggy the Cat (of whom more later) played with those dropped on the floor. So it's on its way and you may as well go with it.

To be fair to the Macca's anyway, this is actually a really surprising version. Join it a minute in and you'd probably struggle to recognise what it actually is. 

And if the whole thing makes you feel stupidly seasonal and and you want to try and celebrate by going off to find when the Maccabees are going to be coming to your town next, then hurry. The band announced they were to break up after 14 years last August and their farewell tour starts next spring.

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