Monday, 12 December 2016

Day 12 - Muhammad Ali (The Meaning of Christmas) - Greg Trooper

Despite appearances, the calendar is a fairly fluid thing that often changes from day to day and it's not unusual to find a song that I had penned in as a certainty somehow missing the cut and being put on next year's list.

Having said all that I was aware that I'd probably be pulled towards some of the obscure seasonal output of some of the Giants of music we've lost this year. Certain that he'd never cut a Christmas album, one person I never thought I'd be celebrating through song though would be Muhammad Ali; that is until I stumbled upon this odd little gem from singer / songwriter Greg Trooper.

I saw Muhammad Ali / Talking to me / From the TV / Teaching me / The Meaning of Christmas

Trooper has had songs covered by such luminaries as Steve Earle and Billy Bragg (?) and this is a rather lovely tribute to the great man and a surprising addition to the Yuletide catalogue.


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