Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day 20 - A Christmas We Deserve - ABC

In my humble opinion - and let's face it opinions don't come much humbler than mine - the musical world is divided into two quite separate groups; those who believe ABC's  'The Lexicon of Love' is an 80's pop masterpiece and those who are, quite simply, wrong.

That being the case, you'd expect I'd have been thrilled by the arrival of 'The Lexicon Of Love II' earlier this year and there are those who I normally trust who tell me that's it worth bothering with. But I remain sceptical and I can't bring myself to chance it somehow. Perhaps in 2017, who can say?

In the meantime, f I wanted a pointer towards what I might hear, Martin Fry's first ever Christmas song might give a clue. With a definite hint of 'Last Christmas'  - George Michael will supress a rueful smile - meeting Robbie Williams and the inevitable sackful of jingling bells and Yuletide clich├ęs full of candy canes and mistletoe, it's done what LoL 1 never did and has flown under the seasonal market this year. Perhaps cementing my doubts about the album? Or will it  grow on me over the years. .?.

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