Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 22 - Another Lonely Christmas - Prince

In late November, as I lined up some of the songs I intended to add to the calendar, there were none - well, perhaps one, I'll admit - intended to act as a tribute to any of the musical legends who've passed away this year.

But they seem to keep appearing. Even though, before this month, I wasn't even aware the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bobby Vee and now Prince had even released a Christmas song. Apparently this Prince track dates from 1984 and is the B side of 'I Would Die 4 U'".

On the face of it another lyric about lost love "Last night I spent another lonely Christmas / Darling you should've been there" and "Baby, you promised me you'd never leave" suddenly takes a dark turn when we hear "Then you died on the twenty-fifth day of December" and "Your father said it was pneumonia / Your mother said it was strep / But the doctor said you were dead and I say it's senseless".

Suddenly we're in a whole different song with, following this year's sad news, similar feelings.

Update: Annoyingly, another one of those songs the publishers keep pulling for 'copywrite reasons' - what do they think is going to happen to the tune after all this time? Hey Idiots, you know I've found stuff on YouTube and then gone out and bought it as a result! Ever thought of that concept? I'll update periodically as I find it but you may have to seek this one out.

Update 2017: OK not sure what the difference is copywrite-wise but the full track is available here: 

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