Thursday, 8 December 2016

Day 8 - Bright Star In The East - Billy Taylor & David Frost

'David Frost? THE David Frost? What madness have you foisted on us this year Blagg', I hear you ask.

Well, Billy Taylor was Frost's musical sidekick when the latter hosted his own huge show on U.S. TV for four years in the early seventies. Frost was the famous Englishman who had made his name with satirical comedy on the BBC before becoming a hard-hitting political interviewer in America, while Taylor was a well-respected jazz musician in his home country, although relatively unknown in the UK.

This track is from an album called 'From David Frost and Billy Taylor, Merry Christmas' and is considered something of a lost festive masterpiece.

The fascinating story of the album can be found here 'Classic Christmas Album You've Never Heard Of'

Meanwhile, hear the mellifluous tones of Frost as he introduces this bass and piano driven, jazz groove.

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