Thursday, 22 December 2016

Radio Radio

Welcome to the - ahem! - millions of new visitors to the Calendar following the Blagger's appearance on 6Music's Radcliffe and Maconie show yesterday afternoon.

You'll surely understand the remit but, just in case, it's a song a day from the 1st December to the 25th - yea, I know Advent Calendars don't have a 25th window but this one does, so sue me - with as many crackers, chestnuts and turkeys as I can pack in.

By Christmas Day this year there will be 250 Christmas songs on this blog and you can access them all using the links at the side of the page. If as many as a dozen appear on the 24 hour tedium that is the Heart Christmas wavelength then I'll eat my titfer with a side of stuffing and a sprig of holly.

You'll also find on the pages; my cats, the good lady Mrs 'er indoors kitsch Christmas tree baubles and general photos that I've either taken myself or, in some cases, pretended too (You'll spot those, it's not hard).

Thanks for visiting and enjoy yourself!

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